Construction of shooting facilities

One build and equip all types of shooting ranges: police, sports, hunting, open and indoor, for shooting with pneumatic, ball and shotgun weapons. We provide consultancy and consultation for investors interested in building and equipping shooting ranges.

We work with many foreign companies that manufacture shooting range equipment. We provide technical and commercial information in this area. Our company is constantly developing dynamically, we introduce new types of devices and new technological solutions.


Anti ricochets panels are made of granulate or polyurethane-bonded rubber fibers and are used on various types of ball shooting ranges. These panels are used in shooting ranges as anti-baskets for wall, ceiling and floor coverings, as well as anti-baskets for main or side bullets, protecting the user against dangerous ricochets and projectile spatter. The panels can be additionally covered with a layer of polyurethane screed. The surface of the panels can be smooth, grooved or trapezoidal.

One of the most important elements of the shooting range is the bullet trap. We offer bullet traps with various specifications and construction, always tailored to the needs of the client / shooting range. The choice of the bullet trap type should always be considered individually, because it depends on many factors – the type of weapon and ammunition used, the intensity of the conducted shootings, the amount of available space, the cost of execution and the frequency and cost of servicing. Steel bullet traps made of steel sheets have a different construction.

We offer:

  1. Lamellar bullet traps,
  2. Bullet traps made of rubber granutal,
  3. Screw (tube) snags,
  4. Transportable bullet traps,
  5. Security walls
  6. Rubber-polyurethane panels, wall, floor – smooth, grooved, trapezoidal.

The device for transporting targets for shooting from a ball gun is used for the automatic transport of targets between designated points and can be used on sport, police and military shooting ranges for short and long-range ball guns. Transporters are controlled independently from a wireless remote control or touch screen. It is also possible to jointly control shield transporters from a tablet or PC. We offer a wide range of disc conveyors tailored to the user’s requirements.